How to get to Yialos Studios

Agistri can be reached easily by Flying Dolphin (55 minutes) or Ferry (95 minutes) from Piraeus the main port of Athens. When you arrive on the island by Flying Dolphin, you will arrive at the port of Milos. You can take the bus to Skala or take a taxi. The duration of the trip is only 5 minutes. The Ferry arrives at the port of Skala and the Yialos Studios are only a two minute walk from the port or a 5 minute walk from the bus stop at the church in Skala.

There is a regular boat connection with neighbouring island Aegina by Flying Dolphin, Ferry and the Agistri Express. Most of the Flying Dolphins or Ferries are making a stop on Aegina before heading towards Agistri.

All boats for Agistri leave from Gate 8 at the Athens port of Piraeus.
PLEASE NOTE: boats leave on time !!!

How to get to Piraeus from Athens Airport

By shuttle bus

The bus leaves from immediately outside the Arrivals’ doors. Purchase your ticket, which will be about 6 euro at the kiosk in the airport or, if this is closed, on the bus itself. The journey will take approximately one hour and a quarter and terminates at Piraeus, within one minute’s walk of Gate 8.

By taxi

You will find taxis immediately outside the Arrivals’ doors. The average charge is around 45 euro which will include airport and baggage charges. The average journey time is 45 minutes to an hour.

By train

Immediately across from the Arrivals’ doors and all on the same level, the train will take you straight to Piraeus. The train costs 10 euro for a single fare, although there are great deals for couples and groups. The lines are very well equipped with escalators and lifts. At Piraeus station cross the road into the port and follow the signs for Gate 8.